Solusi Dua Satu is leading company for technology enabler in Jakarta, we works using our intuition to make over any products with high references in new technology.

We build brands

We have solution to create your brand

We build brands

We create identities

Help you to create your identitas.

We create identities

We design websites

Many web have been we design with flexibel and informatif.

We design websites

We love what we do

Happy to help and give solution.

We love what we do

Get more your revenue by adding our ads on your application, sell ads or publish to add your benefit's

Klik Ads

Make sure that your application has been registering at startup and get all our facilities free

Startup klik indonesia

Manage your email with zohib mail, get our feature on your hand.

Zohib Mail

By using klik analitics this will help you to manage your application progress

Klik analitics

Zohib Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS.

Zohib Messenger
Zohib Messenger

Manage your project with your team work, this the best solution for your project.

Dapur klik
Dapur Klik

Connect every time to your friend's with new social media.

Zohib Social

Create your klik ID to access all application who integrate with klik indonesia.

Account Klik

We provide ecosystem for Indonesian people to make them easy in development and expand the opportunity.

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